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The Ski Station has been icon in Billings and Red Lodge, MT for over 25 years

Where to begin… A little background I suppose.
The Ski Doctor, a.k.a. Kevin Kinne has worked and played in many aspects of the ski industry. With his brother Scott, they own The Ski Station in both Billings and Red Lodge, MT. If you know Kevin, then you know he loves to talk about boarding and skiing but rarely talks about his accomplishments. He's a creature of comfort and won't recommend it if he doesn't like they way it feels. What you might not know is, along with other brother boarders, he occasionally lost his season pass for catching too much air during the Red Lodge Mountain "no air policy" back in 1988 when boarders were bad and skiers ruled, obviously the rules of the run evolved, as did the industry.

Starting a retail skiing business in 1985 at the age of 19, during the days when getting a retail ski brand in your store was like jumping through hoops and promising your first born, it took four years to land K2, Head and Pre skis, and during the growth of snowboarding added Burton, Kemper, Gnu, Simms and Avalanche. As the business grew so did his accomplishments, invited to the National Snow Boarding Championships in GS Events at Mount Hood Timberline after wining challenges in Bozeman, Great Falls, Red Lodge and Grand Targee before the days of Shawn White, he also won the National Ski Joring contest in 1988 in Red Lodge, MT and King of the Hill in 2004 that year sponsored by now defunked Alpine High.

In short, his opinion is just that but it is based on 37 years of runs, on skis, telemarks and boards in almost every skiing condition so, it's your call, it's your choice, choose well young Jedi.

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